Trucks and Bicycle Mobile Markets

This is an example of a truck where the produce is covered by blankets when the vendor is not selling it.

I watched this man pull up, set the blankets out, and quickly set up his produce for people to buy. The whole process took 5 minutes.

On almost every street corner there are trucks with open backs and bicycles with wagons attached that are selling fresh fruits and vegetables. Every day the vendors drive or bike with the produce to a spot that they think will be profitable. Some vendors have found great spots, so they get there super early and leave really late. I see the same vendor at the same spot from 7 in the morning to 9 at night. They are the most convenient way to get fresh fruit and vegetables, since you can stop walking, biking, or driving and quickly buy some. I often see cars pull over quickly and stop in the way to grab some fresh food from one these vendors on the street. 


The bicycle vendors always interest me because sometimes there is a stove top in the trailer/wagon part. It is like a mobile restaurant.Then the vendors will stop near a school or at a busy intersection around meal times to sell people food. Schools are extremely good choices because from 12-12:30 and from 5:30-6 the students can leave school to quickly grab a bite to eat. The bicycle vendors are super convenient and they can park on the sidewalk right next to the school. After the school break is over, they will head to another busy area to sell more food. It is very convenient for them to quickly pack up and switch spots to find the most profitable spot for the day. 


In addition to food, I have also seen bags, clothes, shoes, and jewelry being sold out of trucks and bicycles on the side of the road. One vendor even had tables with lights attached so that he could sell his items after nightfall. 


It is very interesting to me to see these entrepreneurs in China. They literally have a bike or truck and some items to sell or a super small trailer with ways to heat up food. In America, our street vendors usually have stands. They cannot move around as easily. In China, they can just throw a blanket over the produce or shut off the generator and the cooking appliance and be on their way. Consumers in China want things to be convenient. There is nothing more convenient than being able to leave your apartment and walk less than a block to grab some fruit or vegetables. Also, if they are on their way somewhere and see something they might like to buy, they can just quickly stop and take a look. 


My next post will be my last post from China. My main topic is going to be fast food. Is there anything else you find interesting that you would like me to include? I can try to take some pictures and write a little about some other things as well, since it is my last post.

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Comments (4)

  1. klfocht

    Sounds good. I just reminded the class they all need to ask you a question. I see a few have added questions. Enjoy the remainder of your time in China.

    March 09, 2016
  2. 2016kisamam

    Why do you think students can leave for lunch in china, but not here at our school in the states?

    March 10, 2016
    1. aspencadmus

      Students in China can leave for lunch because their school day goes from 7:30 in the morning to 10pm at night Monday to Saturday. From 12-2 they have time to rest and eat lunch. Some students go home to eat lunch and nap, but most students just quickly eat lunch and then return to their classrooms to nap. Most students after 10 still have homework that they need to complete, so they stay up until they complete all of it or fall asleep trying. Therefore, this two hour break is the time when students can catch up on their much needed sleep. Also, many students live extremely close to the school so they will go home during this 2 hour break so they can nap in their own bed.

      I think students are allowed to leave for lunch because the school is not responsible for them once they leave the gates. It does not work like America where the school is responsible for the students until they return home. As soon as the student leaves school grounds, they are no longer the school’s responsibility. That being said, the school does not need to worry about court cases and angry parents if something happens to a student on their way home. Also, the fact that students have two hours compared to our 30 minutes for lunch is a reason that they get to go home. They only have a 30 minute dinner break, so they are not allowed to leave for dinner.

      March 11, 2016
  3. summer_marx

    I like and admire Chinese very much they are very reasonable and hard working nation. Talking about their food than I have never really experienced their food but it seems so tasty that sometimes my mouth watered. In writing services there is a lot of information about Chinese fast food.

    June 02, 2016